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Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair loss is tardily becoming a common problem among a majority of people around

Reasons for Hair Loss at a Young Age

The number of people facing the problem of hair loss while in their twenties

Body Hair Loss

CausesAlopecia Areata One of the common causes for this problem is a disease, known

Home Remedies to Prevent Hair Loss

Home Remedies Aloe vera, which has several health benefits, is also an excellent method

Scarring Alopecia Causes

Causes There are mainly two types of cicatricial alopecia – primary and secondary. In

Hair Loss Solutions for African-Americans

The primary cause of hair loss in African-American women is the way the hair

Traction Alopecia

Hair gets subjected to constant pulling and tension in case of people who wear

How to Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss has become a common phenomenon among people all across the world. Though

Thinning Hair Causes

Loss of hair is something which both men and women fear equally. More so

Excessive Hair Loss

Hair Growth and Hair Loss In the cycle of normal hair growth, 90% of