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What Kinds of People Use Marijuana?

There are a lot of stereotypes out there regarding marijuana users. Many people think

Tips for Good Mental Health

The rigors of daily life often take a toll on our mental health, and

Spirituality May Help Women’s Mental Health

By Anastacia Mott Austin A recent study done at Temple University explores the question

Treatment Options for Mental Disorders

Symptoms of mental illness range from mild to severe and may vary from person

Mental Health Therapist

Mental health therapists are trained professionals who counsel individuals, families, and groups to identify

Mental Health in Pregnancy

As a matter of fact, nearly 20% of women suffer from mood or anxiety

Ways to Improve Mental Health

“The feeling of being valuable – ‘I am a valuable person’ – is essential

Qigong Exercises

Qigong is derived from two words. Qi refers to life force or vital energy,

How Does Exercise Improve Mental Health

Exercise and Mental Health Any physical activity helps in producing endorphins. These are protein

Mental Health Perspectives – Part Three

Everyone feels anxiety in their lives. Whether we’re nervous about a job interview or